The de-materialization of tangible products in a sustainability perspective

Below there is an english version of my article published in Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios de Diseño y Comunicación Nº70 (2018). ISSN: 1668-0227. Diffuse Materialities, a joint research between Politécnico di Milano and Universidad de Palermo. The complete article in Spanish can be downloaded here. Abstract In the practice of future scenario forecasting for a sustainable development, the western free market paradigms are becoming deeply threatened by our ecological limits.

Personal footprint calculation made easy!

Understanding the direct consequences of our lifestyle and consumption choices requires the use of a common unit of equivalency that can relate to different elements like a meal and a bus trip. The Yupi software ® allows its users to calculate their scores in relation to carbon, water and ecological footprints by just filling out a form in a few minutes. The program ́s language and variables reflect the local lifestyle choices and therefore provide more accurate calculations

Public transport accessibility model based on user experience of the urban context

Below there is an english abstract of my article published in Proyección, 2017, vol. 21, p. 80-105. Barón, Gabriela N.; Allende, David G.; Arena, Alejandro P. (2017) "Modelo de accesibilidad a sistemas de transporte público según la experiencia de usuario en el contexto urbano": The complete article in Spanish can be downloaded here. Abstract Mobility and transportation challenges in globalized cities have strong technical and locational facets, but these are only partial dim